Event Options

Beecher House Front

The Beecher House is an ideal venue for smaller groups looking for a direct, targeted, and intimate experience. Unlike other large-scale venues, at Beecher House you are not surrounded by multiple simultaneous events, groups of participants of other events - it is just your group. We provide a tailored personal experience in an uncompromised atmosphere of focus, silence, and pristine beauty. The setting offers unrivaled opportunities for deep, meaningful experiences that allow for spiritual, mental, and cultural expansion in an environment far removed from the overwhelming clatter of contemporary society. Beecher House provides respite in a world of constant distraction and opens up the ability to return to silence.

Service Offering

  • On-site Manager facilitates logistics and ensures guest comfort
  • Living/Meeting room expands with sliding doors into the solarium
  • 420 sq. ft. solarium for all-weather activities/classes (yoga, etc.)
  • Separate dining room with solarium access
  • Miles of hiking and snowshoeing opportunities on 1,400 acres
  • Animal observation treks, including birds, beavers, deer, bears, etc.
  • Astronomy opportunities: billions of glittering stars
  • BH is available with or without a private chef providing a vegetarian (non-vegan) diet as a new culinary experience for the uninitiated or a trusted, healthful menu for the non-meat veteran. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with proper notice.
  • 840 sq. ft. east-facing deck over Beecher Lake, sun/moon rise
  • On-site audio-visual equipment for presentations
  • High-speed Wi-Fi access for guest and host use
  • Individually temperature-controlled bedrooms, some with in-room gas fireplaces
  • Dedicated meditation room for meditation, instruction, and group¬† activities

Beecher House is ideal for

  • Retreat-oriented meditative or other spirituality-based group events
  • Board or Steering Committee working retreats
  • Traditional arts such as Tea Societies or Flower Arrangement societies
  • Health and wholeness practitioners (Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, etc.)¬†
  • Yoga seminars and practice
  • Martial arts groups (Aikido, Kendo, etc.)
  • Nature immersion, such as bird watching, astronomy, and stargazing, informed by environmental spirituality
  • Forest Bathing
  • Study retreats or seminars

In accord with the values and mission of the Zen Studies Society, which owns and operates the Beecher House, all events at the Beecher House contain elements of a spiritually oriented nature. For groups who would like to receive an introduction or guidance in this spiritual and meditative aspect, staff from the nearby monastery can be made available to provide these services.